Windows 8 is less shining than even Windows Vista, Report Says

Windows 8, latest OS release and most talked with 'Next Generation Operating System' tag name, is loosing its popularity in early days and getting even worse than the failed Windows Vista. No doubt, Microsoft has put all its efforts in developing this great OS. The curiosity of people to try the new OS and advertising are the only reasons behind sale of 40 millions copies in less than a month as per my belief. Anyway, Windows 8 has failed to meets the expectations of long time Windows users, experts and demands of enterprises.

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Windows 8 releasing looked promising and users thought that Windows 8 will be the OS that meets the need of any user like gaming professional, business or home users, enterprise users etc. But sadly, Microsoft engineers started receiving tons of error messages and complaints about Windows 8 soon after its launch. Don't know, weather these bugs were counted at MS end or not, but one thing for sure, Windows 8 is now not receiving the much attention as expected by Windows lovers or even former president of Microsoft Windows division, Steven Snifosky.

With the huge data collected from over 40,000 websites, net marketshare produced a report on desktop operating system market share, which clearly indicates the total market share of Windows 8 has just reached 1.72% for all the three versions even after 2 months of its release. When we compare this data with Windows Vista (A fail), its desktop usage has increased to 2.2% which is much higher than Windows 8 distribution.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7

Thus clarified, that Windows 8 has the lower adoption rate than Vista which makes it even less popular among computer users. However, no one can predict what Microsoft will do to improve its effect or operation. But, users will take time to change their mindset and might stick to continue using the old yet popular OS i.e., Windows 7.

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