Hard Drive Data Loss At A Glance

Hard drive manufacturers from around the world are continued to make larger size of hard disks, which brings new obstacles for users and modern businesses. Recent report indicates that, higher capacity disks are more prone to failure than lower size disks. Moreover, low size disks will suppose to perform exceptionally well and have merely 13.11% of failure rate where large capacity disks. Probably, hard drive space is the deciding factors for you but you should consider this metrics before really opting for large size hard disks.

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Weather it could happen due to manufacturer's fault, human error, or hard drive overage, probably you will pay thousands of dollars to data recovery firms for recovering your valuable stuff. Moreover, 100% data recovery isn't possible in all cases of failure or probably you'd get nothing even after paying such huge amount.

Data Loss Cases
Hard drive failure cases are continued to rise as the amount of data stored within server or home PC is increased. Experts say; disk failure rates are 15 times as compared to past and every single data loss incident to business could cost up to $2900.  In 2012, 1461 cases of data loss has been recorded so far according to datalossdb stastics , though it combines all types of incidents like data being theft, hacking or stolen.

                      Data Loss Stats

Besides recovery, user's can take few measures to better protect their hard drive data from being permanently lost due to various data loss incidents. One should make sure that they have successfully backed up their data so that it can be restored when something goes wrong. For further safety, you can distribute the backup copy to various data storing channels as you can't trust on single data source.

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