Windows 8 Keeps Freezing at Boot Screen, Here's How to fix it?

windows-8-freeze-on-startupWindows 8 freezing becomes very common yet annoying issue in these days and Microsoft even after the three month of its release doesn't provided any hotfix or update either, that can able to fix it. What happens exactly is, sometimes after installing few Apps to your Apps gallery or heavy programs, Windows 8 will starts behaving abnormally and might freeze any running application at mid. To came over this, user may eventually restart their PC and here what the situation goes from worse to worst as Windows 8 will hang on the booting screen (or you can say, splash screen) at stays there forever. Even after several restarts, you can't able to move beyond Windows 8 booting screen. System restore option is not working either.

However, after several attempts, I've managed to come over this and finally get to the desktop. So, you may also able to easily fix this whenever it happens with your Windows 8 PC. Just read carefully and follow the same steps on your Windows 8. If the trick didn't help you, you may post your particular problem in comment section and we'll feel glad to look onto it.

1. Enable Hyper-V
Hyper-V (Client Hyper-V) is a Windows Server virtualization technology used on host machine to make dual boot environment, works for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system, while keeping performance at peak.
To enable Hyper-V on your local machine, follow the below steps:

  1. Open control panel from the charms bar > settings.
  2. Choose uninstall a program
  3. Click on Turn Windows features on or off from the left sidebar pane
  4. At the open pop up Window, mark check the box stating 'Hyper-V.
  5. ' Click OK and reboot the system to apply the changes.
Remember, to enable hyper-v, you first need to enable or disable hardware Virtualization from the BIOS settings.

2. Update Graphics Card and Other Driver
Probably, you're using the old drivers of video card and graphics which may eventually leads your system to unresponsive. Visit to your driver manufacturer website to make sure that you are running the latest version and if not, install it in manual way.

3. Perform Windows Update
Running Windows update is crucial for your healthy PC and might prevent damages that may caused by the old or corrupt system files. You can simply keep your system up to date by typing wuapp in run dialog box (press Window button+R to open dialog box). This will automatically search and install the update KB2727113. However, if Windows cannot find this update automatically, you need to find and install it in manual way.

If you are particularly using a Dell laptop and facing this issue, Dell has a dedicated support page for Windows 8 hang or will not boot after restart.

Microsoft Has Tough Time with the Windows 8 & Surface tab

Needless to say Steve Ballmer, CEO of the Microsoft Windows 8 made Windows 8 thrived the PC market with huge expectations around the world. Not to forget, Windows 8 succeeds 7 and expectations are obvious but after 3 months of it's official launch it is hard to digest that the OS never made to the actual excitement level. Leave the rest part of the OS but the stunning 'TILES' appearance of the Windows 8 makes it apart from the crowd. Microsoft already made the OS available for almost all the hardware giants which indeed pours in huge profit. Among the major hardware giants who incorporated the latest OS are: - Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba & Samsung.

Latest Story for Windows 8: Acer's presidents quotes Windows 8 itself is still not successful but had better business with Google's Chrome Notebooks. This is mere an example of the mixed reactions either by hardware giants or by reputed Windows reviewers like the Verge – which considered the OS to be basic & lacking several functions. The Ars Technica, a website that fulfill it's user appetite with the daily dose of technology news, appreciated the latest Microsoft platform but left with the bitter taste of accusing it to replicate the Apple design in executing Windows store. This is not the first time & perhaps not the last one when both Microsoft & Apple had confrontations. By the way, Apple made it's 'OS X Mountain Lion', termed as the most advanced OS available in the world, how can we expect Microsoft to stay behind them at the time when Windows 8 had already created huge hype.

Sales remained a matter of concern: During the Christmas seasons, sales of the devices are expected to rise high. This again proved futile for the PC markets as users easily targeted plenty of tablets available in the market which almost fulfills the need of a computer these days. The reason cited for this dramatic change was the user's excitement in operating the touch screen devices rather than traditional computer operations. For Microsoft, it would be difficult chase to tap down the popularity of Apple's iPad & with the Surface Tablet, MS dare to penetrate the market with great enthusiasm.

Wonder, why Apple always have a great impact on Microsoft & else, even the launch of the Surface tablet looked similar to the ones where Steve Jobs himself introduced the iPad to the world. Anyways, reviews are the ones which matters the most and trust this Surface similar to the Windows 8 received mixed but positive reviews to extent. On the positive side of the reviews, the design of the Surface seems to have carved out beautifully & it's start-up makes you fall in love with it. The negative reviews seems to be quite obvious when you look at the price tag of the device & perhaps it's comparison with the iPad make you feel like opting for an inferior device.

Hard Drive Data Loss At A Glance

Hard drive manufacturers from around the world are continued to make larger size of hard disks, which brings new obstacles for users and modern businesses. Recent report indicates that, higher capacity disks are more prone to failure than lower size disks. Moreover, low size disks will suppose to perform exceptionally well and have merely 13.11% of failure rate where large capacity disks. Probably, hard drive space is the deciding factors for you but you should consider this metrics before really opting for large size hard disks.

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Weather it could happen due to manufacturer's fault, human error, or hard drive overage, probably you will pay thousands of dollars to data recovery firms for recovering your valuable stuff. Moreover, 100% data recovery isn't possible in all cases of failure or probably you'd get nothing even after paying such huge amount.

Data Loss Cases
Hard drive failure cases are continued to rise as the amount of data stored within server or home PC is increased. Experts say; disk failure rates are 15 times as compared to past and every single data loss incident to business could cost up to $2900.  In 2012, 1461 cases of data loss has been recorded so far according to datalossdb stastics , though it combines all types of incidents like data being theft, hacking or stolen.

                      Data Loss Stats

Besides recovery, user's can take few measures to better protect their hard drive data from being permanently lost due to various data loss incidents. One should make sure that they have successfully backed up their data so that it can be restored when something goes wrong. For further safety, you can distribute the backup copy to various data storing channels as you can't trust on single data source.

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Fine tuning the old G4 and G5 Power PC Mac

Much before the Intel Macs, Apple use to bank upon their G4 & G5 Mac computers which were at that time the most powerful personal computers developed by Apple Inc. The time is now when most of the PowerPC processors have been replaced with the Intel Macs; still many users of the G series are easily available. Trust this, I too have both Intel, and PPC machines places at two different desks within a same room. The Intel Mac proves to be a great assistance in daily working life while the G4 machine proves to be a great source for testing.

PowerPC Macs
Duration of Existence
G4 (PPC74xx)
1999 - 2004
G5 (IBM Processor)
2003 - 2006

But it would certainly be fine if both the system's (Intel & PPC) performances are not compared because doing this would be a great injustice. To me, both machines depend upon their hardware specifications which in turn in more advanced with the Intel Macs as they were produce later. My only concern is to extract fine performances from the G4 with Tiger 4.11 installed. Being a testing machine the PPC G4 has to be in fine shape both physically as well as logically. Upgrading its hard drive along with the RAM size could result in healthy performance of the Mac including upgrading to the latest OS X which in case in Tiger (10.4).

Coming to the OS X, this is where lies huge potential to boost the execution of the system with the help of several tricks like: -
  • Drive Management – Must segregate the drive into no. of logical volumes depending upon the size of the hard drive. This separates the boot volume from rest of the data.
  • Neat Desktop - Arranging icons on the desktop of the Mac by keeping only required application programs.
  • Trim down the Dock – Like desktop, cut down the no. of application icons from the dock. Keep only required shortcuts. 

  • Download folder – All downloads from the web stays into the download folder as long as they are not shifted to trash after their proper use.
  • Trash folder Management – Deleted files should not reside in the trash for long durations. Timely removal of the trash data quickly gains free space for the HDD.
  • Boot Volume Management – Like the trash and the download folder, the Start-up disk should never run out of memory space which is utmost crucial for the fine performance of the G4 Mac. Find out how to get rid of error 'Your Startup Disk is almost full'. The below message flashes to prompt the user to begin freeing up space on the Mac hard drive by deleting unnecessary data from caches, system logs, junk files and unwanted apps.
  • Tools – Cleaning a large hard drive sometimes could be beyond human effort which is why you can turn up-to free tools such as Onyx and much advance remedy for slow Mac like Stellar Speedup Mac.
P.S. - Cleaning tricks for Mac could be applied to Intel machines as same suggested for PowerPC Macs.

How to Fix Laptop That Keeps Ejecting CD/DVD

CD or DVD is still the popular media among widely used storage medias like Hard drive, USB or flash drive. All you need is the CD DVD drive, usually comes inbuilt with desktop and laptop to read or write data from/onto it.

At times, we face certain problems with laptop that won't read any CD DVD and always use to ejects it automatically without reading or giving you access to read or modify information from the optical media. Most probably, you won't get any signs of error or warning messages that could tell you exactly about the problem or any possible solutions.

CD DVD Data Recovery

Have you stuck in similar situations or fall once? This tutorial might help you to find the exact solution and easy workaround. After reading this, even a novice user can effectively solve the problem.

Here's what you can do
Go through the below mentioned solutions and see if it works:
  1. Try different CD or DVD other than the current one.
  2. Replace the drive as sometime, drive itself become faulty and won't capable enough to read disc anymore.
  3. Start your system in 'Safe Mode' and insert the disc. If this time, you're allowed to work around with your CD or DVD, this clearly indicates that your machine is infected and needs help of security expert.
  4. Open the laptop case and replace the power cable as well as USB with different cables. (that should be new or previously working properly)
  5. Go to control panel > device manager  and remove the driver for your current CD DVD. Restart your system and let system automatically reinstall the driver for your CD drive.

What happens? Did the problem still occurs or what? Probably, you'll need a specialized help for your particular problems. Don't worry, just post the problem using the comment form below and we'll do our best to get it working.

In many cases, optical media itself have internal damage and needs to be replaced. However, if you've some important stuff inside the disc and desperately wants to get it back, you should heads to try any CD DVD recovery program that can effectively recover the data from it.


Windows 8 is less shining than even Windows Vista, Report Says

Windows 8, latest OS release and most talked with 'Next Generation Operating System' tag name, is loosing its popularity in early days and getting even worse than the failed Windows Vista. No doubt, Microsoft has put all its efforts in developing this great OS. The curiosity of people to try the new OS and advertising are the only reasons behind sale of 40 millions copies in less than a month as per my belief. Anyway, Windows 8 has failed to meets the expectations of long time Windows users, experts and demands of enterprises.

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Windows 8 releasing looked promising and users thought that Windows 8 will be the OS that meets the need of any user like gaming professional, business or home users, enterprise users etc. But sadly, Microsoft engineers started receiving tons of error messages and complaints about Windows 8 soon after its launch. Don't know, weather these bugs were counted at MS end or not, but one thing for sure, Windows 8 is now not receiving the much attention as expected by Windows lovers or even former president of Microsoft Windows division, Steven Snifosky.

With the huge data collected from over 40,000 websites, net marketshare produced a report on desktop operating system market share, which clearly indicates the total market share of Windows 8 has just reached 1.72% for all the three versions even after 2 months of its release. When we compare this data with Windows Vista (A fail), its desktop usage has increased to 2.2% which is much higher than Windows 8 distribution.

Windows 8 vs Windows 7

Thus clarified, that Windows 8 has the lower adoption rate than Vista which makes it even less popular among computer users. However, no one can predict what Microsoft will do to improve its effect or operation. But, users will take time to change their mindset and might stick to continue using the old yet popular OS i.e., Windows 7.

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