How to Fix Laptop That Keeps Ejecting CD/DVD

CD or DVD is still the popular media among widely used storage medias like Hard drive, USB or flash drive. All you need is the CD DVD drive, usually comes inbuilt with desktop and laptop to read or write data from/onto it.

At times, we face certain problems with laptop that won't read any CD DVD and always use to ejects it automatically without reading or giving you access to read or modify information from the optical media. Most probably, you won't get any signs of error or warning messages that could tell you exactly about the problem or any possible solutions.

CD DVD Data Recovery

Have you stuck in similar situations or fall once? This tutorial might help you to find the exact solution and easy workaround. After reading this, even a novice user can effectively solve the problem.

Here's what you can do
Go through the below mentioned solutions and see if it works:
  1. Try different CD or DVD other than the current one.
  2. Replace the drive as sometime, drive itself become faulty and won't capable enough to read disc anymore.
  3. Start your system in 'Safe Mode' and insert the disc. If this time, you're allowed to work around with your CD or DVD, this clearly indicates that your machine is infected and needs help of security expert.
  4. Open the laptop case and replace the power cable as well as USB with different cables. (that should be new or previously working properly)
  5. Go to control panel > device manager  and remove the driver for your current CD DVD. Restart your system and let system automatically reinstall the driver for your CD drive.

What happens? Did the problem still occurs or what? Probably, you'll need a specialized help for your particular problems. Don't worry, just post the problem using the comment form below and we'll do our best to get it working.

In many cases, optical media itself have internal damage and needs to be replaced. However, if you've some important stuff inside the disc and desperately wants to get it back, you should heads to try any CD DVD recovery program that can effectively recover the data from it.