History and working of an iPod

After 10 years of sustainance, iPod has gained cavernous number of users in the world of entertainment. iPod has become one of the most advanced technology and smarter choice. If we look back in history, the percentage of users are increased rapidly.

History of iPod

iPod Classic 
The first model of iPod generation is iPod Classic. The first portable music player with the mechanical scroll wheel. Later on from 2001 to 2009, it came with features such as mechanical scroll wheel, dock connector, color screen plus picture viewing, 120 GB capacity etc. Last version of classic is seen with slimmer case and larger screen with video playback.

iPod Mini

Then comes the iPod Mini, a digital audio player which was launched in 2004 with the ultimate 5 colours. It introduced the click wheel with the brighter color variants and longer battery life. In that time, this is the most famous electronic product available in the mini.

iPod Nano

Release of ever thinnest iPod Nano by Apple announced the stylish portable media player with the flash memory as storage. This was the first iPod with the passionate features of including video camera, accelerometer for shake and horizontal view, 2.5 inch multi touch screen, Bluetooth etc.
This version with the enhanced model gained the enormous number of people towards it.

iPod Shuffle

iPod shuffle is the smallest member of the iPod family which uses flash memory. The first model of this category released on January 2005 with no screen. It is a slim and highly proficient music player which encases a 1Gb flash based media player. The iPod shuffle is a random player which pop up the music on its own with a loud rock tracks.

iPod Touch

One of the most widespread and thinnest model which weighs 88 g possessed brilliant design, 4-inch retina display, superb camera and many more advanced features marketed by Apple. It is a multitasking pocket size gadget which consist of outstanding user interface that is touchscreen based. The latest model was dispatch in 2012 which has new aluminium design with several colour case options featured with iOS (Apple operating system).

How iPod works?

iPod is the most popular gadget of the decade which is used for storing, transferring and playing multimedia files. Generally iPod stores all the multimedia files on an internal memory chip. From here we could able to retrieve the files accordingly. The working of the iPod is very simple. All the devices of the iPod are integrated with iTunes. So, first download your music files or Cds into the computer. Then that files are loaded into the iTunes software. After ensuring that the multimedia files have been transferred to the particular software, plug the iPod in the computer and tranfer them from the software to the iPod. Unplug and there are your favourite numbers on it. Let us see the different parts that how it works:

1) iTunes:

This is a software developed by Apple which is used to organize, add or delete the multimedia files from the computer to the iPod and vice versa. All the devices are generally integrated with this piece of amazing software which always sync it with a portable device. With this software we can easily pluck the music from Cds into MP3 or various other formats as well. When we connect the iPod to the PC it automatically updates the music files and all.

2) Touch-sensitive wheel:

Touch is the sensitive feature which makes the task of accessing the menus and features on the screen faster by dragging. iPod uses a technology called capacitive sensing. These capacitive sensors are hypersensitive to detect anything that is conductive and consist of an insulator different fron that of air. It uses electrical impulses and react accordingly.
So this is the overall history and working of tremondous digital portable media players i.e. one and only iPod.