Threats, weaknesses to an iPhone

The iPhone is the smartest technology these days among all. Everybody has the craze to tickle the extraordinary features of the smartphone. But due to some weaknesses and threats, iPhones are declining in the market. Some of the threatening points to an iPhone are:

iPhone competitors hitting the market
Apple launched its product every year but if we think about its competitors they are releasing their product probably every month. Smartphones and Android phones in the market with its incredible features are hitting the market. iPhone being expensive incorporates glossy features but Android on other hand provide lesser glossiness but offers great deals of app through ‘Play Store’, thus making easy to penetrate the smartphone market.

iPad sales are higher than iPhone
There are billions of users of iPad in the market as compared to the iPhone. Undoubtedly, iPad is a boom with the superior quality features and a large screen. The iPad doesn't have calling feature, still the users are interested in buy this product. In all, iPads are more busniess oriented.

AT & T and T-Mobile are Apples threats
These companies are hitting the US market to a greater extent. Apple's business is getting affected and its is very difficult for them to maintain the current position in the market. T-Mobiles are affecting the market of iPhones as they are successful in selling some of the iPhones as consumers can't bear the price of Apple iPhone's. They are increasing with the sales because of their exciting plan which provide reduction in cost with the greater quality.

Apple's own smartphone is an idea for other competitors
At first Apple launched its smartphone in the market. Its superiorty and quality features allows Apple to sell their product at higher prices. But on the other extent, competitors and the other brands come up with the same smartphones at lower prices which has again let the Apple product fall in the market. Asian markets are much inclined towards smartphones that look-alike iPhones and cost lesser.

Latest iPhone still lacking in some features
iPhone 5 has massive competitors in the market. Now this iPhone 5 has a nano-sim which is a curse as it cannot swap while upgrading contacts and all. Also it does not have headphone jack which is a great problem for those people who does not have Bluetooth capabilities. Then Apple's maps are not up to scratch. One needs to stuck with iTunes for loading content as microSD card slot, USB slots and NFC connectivity is not there.

Competition is tough in China for iPhone
China has unexpectedly hit the market with their smartphones at a cheaper price. These phones has Google Android operating system which has led the Apple sales down due to its superb features, apps and quality. China beat the biggest companies such as Apple, Samsung and many other companies.

Android apps are beating iPhones
There are certain android apps auch as Cover, Swype, profile scheduler etc. in the market which iPhone didn't support. They are doing the terrific business with its functionality and features in it.

Not have any recovery software for deleted content
One of the major issue these days that being very expensive in the market, it does not have any recovery software for the deleted content. Sometimes, if data got accidently deleted, then one has to buy some software to recover it.