Microsoft Has Tough Time with the Windows 8 & Surface tab

Needless to say Steve Ballmer, CEO of the Microsoft Windows 8 made Windows 8 thrived the PC market with huge expectations around the world. Not to forget, Windows 8 succeeds 7 and expectations are obvious but after 3 months of it's official launch it is hard to digest that the OS never made to the actual excitement level. Leave the rest part of the OS but the stunning 'TILES' appearance of the Windows 8 makes it apart from the crowd. Microsoft already made the OS available for almost all the hardware giants which indeed pours in huge profit. Among the major hardware giants who incorporated the latest OS are: - Dell, HP, Sony, Acer, Toshiba & Samsung.

Latest Story for Windows 8: Acer's presidents quotes Windows 8 itself is still not successful but had better business with Google's Chrome Notebooks. This is mere an example of the mixed reactions either by hardware giants or by reputed Windows reviewers like the Verge – which considered the OS to be basic & lacking several functions. The Ars Technica, a website that fulfill it's user appetite with the daily dose of technology news, appreciated the latest Microsoft platform but left with the bitter taste of accusing it to replicate the Apple design in executing Windows store. This is not the first time & perhaps not the last one when both Microsoft & Apple had confrontations. By the way, Apple made it's 'OS X Mountain Lion', termed as the most advanced OS available in the world, how can we expect Microsoft to stay behind them at the time when Windows 8 had already created huge hype.

Sales remained a matter of concern: During the Christmas seasons, sales of the devices are expected to rise high. This again proved futile for the PC markets as users easily targeted plenty of tablets available in the market which almost fulfills the need of a computer these days. The reason cited for this dramatic change was the user's excitement in operating the touch screen devices rather than traditional computer operations. For Microsoft, it would be difficult chase to tap down the popularity of Apple's iPad & with the Surface Tablet, MS dare to penetrate the market with great enthusiasm.

Wonder, why Apple always have a great impact on Microsoft & else, even the launch of the Surface tablet looked similar to the ones where Steve Jobs himself introduced the iPad to the world. Anyways, reviews are the ones which matters the most and trust this Surface similar to the Windows 8 received mixed but positive reviews to extent. On the positive side of the reviews, the design of the Surface seems to have carved out beautifully & it's start-up makes you fall in love with it. The negative reviews seems to be quite obvious when you look at the price tag of the device & perhaps it's comparison with the iPad make you feel like opting for an inferior device.