How Windows 8 is Performing after Four Month of It's Release

Image Credit: Bobfamiliar
Microsoft's Windows 8 has been released on 26th October 2012 and over 4 months have been completed so far. So, It’s better to DIGG deeper about how well windows 8 is performing in the real world and the level of satisfaction the user has with this brand new and fastest OS (as claimed by Microsoft) in the OS industry.

Windows 8 becomes the rapidly adopted OS in Microsoft History where 60 million copies were sold out after its general availability, which is quite large as compare to Windows 7 sales or any previous Windows OS. However, Windows 8 received negative feedback in massive amount which enforces Microsoft to rethink about Windows 8 design and replacing some core features like re-placing start button again in Windows 8 beta, forecast windows next release. 

The news is also murmuring in the technology world that Microsoft will allow booting windows 8 directly to desktop mode instead of giving tiles and charms bar or metro screen after booting. Hopefully that will, to some extent, improves the Windows 8 adoption level and helps them to get their old Windows like PC back again. 

In recent weeks, upgrades to Windows 8 from Windows 7 are fallen below the expected level and remains at quite invisible figure. Known reasons behind this could be lack of old drive support by Windows 8, unimpressive Metro screen, confusing Apps screen etc. that forces users to stick with Windows 7 or whichever version of Windows they were using.

At business or enterprise level, Windows 8 have quite high adoption rate because of few great Windows 8 features like storage spaces, file history, hybrid booting etc. These features could allows businesses to keep their data safe, maximize the utilization of externally attached storage devices using storage spaces and improve productivity using fast booting, optimized PC performance.

Last month, Microsoft released surface tablet with Widows 8 pro at an easily acceptable cost around $299 USD. This tablet has improved functionality and high capability than previously introduced tablet from Microsoft; Surface RT with ARM based processors.

Overall, Microsoft's Windows 8 have pretty advanced features which might not suites well to novice or beginner computer users. Due to high market capture and large consumer base from around the world, Microsoft would have been able to attract more consumers.

Microsoft never want to distract their customer as always and would expect to re-launch beta version of Windows 8, possibly in the July end. It'll surely include all the expected and demanding changes to be the best replacement of Windows 8.