Smart Finder Replacing Finder in Mac

In addition to its very own built-in Disk Utility, Finder is one of the most interesting and helpful tool in Mac OS X. The developers call it as the ‘Heart’ of Mac. It is the default file manager cum file browser in Mac, which takes care of the complete user-management of the hard drive, individual volumes, files, and even network drives. There are a slew of similar tools available in the computer market; some might match its features and functionality while a few others do not. Stellar Smart Finder is a similar category application for Mac operating system that has been proving itself an edge over Mac’s very own Finder app. It scans complete the hard drive, CD/DVD, externally attached removable storage devices and displays the result in three different types of views i.e. Graphical View, Column View, and List View of the data.

Software interface is divided into two panes i.e. left and right. The left pane displays all the volumes of the Mac hard drive below network drive, if any. An engrafted search bar in the tool bar provides quicker and reliable search results that make it an efficient pathfinder Mac application. Clicking a drive in the left pane displays the result in a hierarchical view. Every individual selected folder in this view is displayed at the core of Sunburst Chart along with it size in the right pane. When you click a particular sector of in this chart, path of the associated folder is displayed under the chart.

Sunburst Chart is a smart way of representing the hierarchy with an advantage that it is able to display the size of each folder or group in a particular hard drive sector. In addition, the center of the chart represents the root of the folder along with its size when cursor is moved over it. Right clicking a file or folder in the left pane of the software provides three options i.e. ‘Reveal in Finder’, ‘Remove’, and ‘Open’.  Reveal in Finder opens the containing folder while ‘Remove’ deletes that particular file and ‘Open’ is just to open a file or folder. Column view in the toolbar creates the view in the fly-out column list. When you click a folder in this view, a similar view is created next to it and so on. Moreover, multiple simultaneous file operations are facilitated in Stellar Smart Finder in order to accelerate the file access.

These overall smart features make it a better choice for Mac users around the globe.