Buckle up belt to fasten a crawling Mac OS X

Ever since people started writing about tips to fasten a slow Mac there have been at-least 50 and even 100 tips suggested to do so. The amount of time pour into research and efforts is highly appreciating but this may also lead to misconception of fastening a slow Mac. Therefore, after carefully examining the tips suggested by many Mac users following can be suggested to uplift a Mac performance.

Speed up Mac Tips that are going to work:

  • Tidy Mac: A less cluttered desktop on your Mac machine is certainly going to contribute to cutting down the slow processing of the machine to some extent. Small icons placed on the desktop of a Mac consumes memory and more no. of desktop icons will collectively consume more space. Isn't wise to manage the junks files & unwanted icons on the desktop, eventually sending them to trash?

  • Emptying The Trash: Just like all the files and folders are consuming Mac's RAM as well as hard drive space, similarly the trash too uses Mac's drive space for its operation. A stagnated trash folder is certainly not a good idea to have on a Mac computer. The unwanted files in the trash folder only accumulates due to negligence from the user's part, otherwise emptying the trash is just on the tips of the fingers. Please note that: emptying the trash folder contributes to arranging free space on the drive. Although recommended, only emptying trash may not always result in fastening a slow Mac but yes it does grab drive space which is also a important factor in making the Mac machine quicker than before. 

  • Optimize a Mac hard drive & getting more free space is much wider concept which can be further divided into multiple activities like: Un-installing unsought software & applications, vacating the library folder from the heap of caches & unused log files. Consider the language packs (other than the default installed language), as unwanted and removing them again will add few more bytes of free space. The boot drive too needs to have good amount of free space to load the OS X in minimum amount of time other wise the OS X will prompt you with an error which is: “Your Startup Disk is almost full”. The above activities if implemented, will always helps in gathering free space for the boot drive and will least bother a Mac user.

  • Let us not underestimate minor activities that can bring drastic change in the working of a Mac. Beginning with widgets and animated desktops, it is recommended to turn them off to save the OS X reserve which might be turned up for other useful activity. Eliminating animation effect, dock shadow, else invalidating the dashboard can improve a system's performance to some extent.
Applying free suggestion on a Mac computer doesn't sound to a boring idea. Else, to optimize a large hard drive and its individual volumes there is always necessity of a tool that can minimize the work of hours into few minutes of finding pile of crap data and eliminating it from the drive.