Mac OS X corrupt PDF file repair guide

A few times PDF files on Mac won't open up and this could be an agitation state for the user. Mac owners have frequently reported to such errors where portable files on their system won't respond or previews blanks pages, if files open.

A recent query of my friend Matthew reported me a similar error. He says: 

“I am using Mac Mini OS X 10.7.2 and upon clicking the PDF files they generate the blank screen.”

What can be the possible reasons for the Matthew issues? 
  • Chances of damaged PDF files: The first thing that strikes the mind is the credibility of the files. Upon downloading them from the Internet, were they corrupted? It mostly happens die to the poor connectivity of the broadband speed when an incomplete file gets download on the system. Although the files are saved on the HDD but it fails to collect the proper information which it needs to open correctly.
  • Other reasons for file corruptions: It's not only the Internet held responsible for a PDF file corruption but other factors such as 'a sudden Mac OS X shutdown', 'interrupted transfer of PDF files from a media to the system, 'PDF files present on the bad sectors of the hard drive' and 'an improper PDF file uploaded on the website' can be summed up to broaden the possibility of damage of the PDF files. 
  • Susceptible to malware: PDF files are easily carried away by the Trojans, malware and other suspicious attacks. Upon opening these files, they not only mislead the information but may also harm the entire system.
  • Non-Compatible Programs: Whether to view the file in Adobe PDF reader or Mac's own in-built Viewer remains the question for users. Although both will serve the purpose for viewing the PDF files but there are many other software available which can be totally incompatible with the PDF files created with the help of other tools.
Coming back to solving Matthew own trouble: Here are my inputs that Mattew followed to get over the PDF file issue:

1. Suggested him to check if /Applications/ present? Also try to open the PDF file with the right-click of the mouse and choose /Application. Preview.

2. If the application still fails to open with the Preview, then try installing a fresh copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader program. If this works then its fine and no further steps are needed.

3. However, if the file fails to open with both the application then a choice of using a PDF repair tool is still left open.

5. Select the PDF file(s) to be repaired. Proceed to the next window.

6. Although the software being a demo does not repair the damaged PDF files in real but let you see the preview of repairable PDF pages. 

As directed Matthew did follow my instructions and also tried the repair tool and he was surprised enough to see the preview of his repaired PDF files (including the inside objects). By the end of the day Matthew did have his corrupted PDF file repairs which now work fine on his Mac Mini 10.7.2.