Introduction to Android Smartphone Data Recovery Software

Mobile phone industry is bringing new & revolutionary phones day by day in front of users which gives them much more functionality and benefits like easy and quick emailing, storing large amount of data, playing HD games, using applications from a list of millions etc. Smartphone manufacturers like HTC, Samsung are using Google's Android OS in majority because of its open source nature with millions of free and paid apps available in the Google play gallery. Definitely, using smartphones or tablet computers let you be free from sitting at desk for long hours or allows to prepare documents and send e-mail on the go. Though, Android enabled devices are more vulnerable to data loss in comparison to other OS phones and can make the data completely inaccessible to you.

Android Smart Phone Data Recovery

Brief introduction about Android
Android is a Linux based open source OS especially designed for touch screen devices and was collectively introduced by Open Handset Alliance and Google in late 2008. It is a combination of Linux commands and a graphical user interface to support various hand held devices like smartphones and tablet computers. However, inbuilt storage capacity may not fit to your needs and might force you to purchase external storage i.e, memory card, SD card, mini SD cards etc. Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) is the latest released OS which can give you a significantly improved performance and a new level of using functionalities such as multiple user accessibility, wireless display, easy and expanded notifications in th mobile display etc.

One major risk involved with such hand held devices is that it can wipe out your data without warnings. File system corruption, damage due to rough uses or accidental file deletion are the most common reasons of data loss from Android devices. Though, there are several data recovery software available in the market, but may cost you a few dollars. These software programs can be helpful in recovery of data provided that the storage device, typically a memory card, is not physically damaged. Let me explain some advantages of using an advanced Android data recovery program:

Below are the refined points from the long list of benefits:

  1. Restore wiped, formatted or accidentally erased data from any Android devices.
  2. Easily undelete precious photos, videos, collection of songs etc.
  3. Recover list of file types from old as well as any latest Android OS version i.e. 4.2 Jelly Bean.
  4. Fast recovery i.e. you can recover the desired data from your Android device in few simple steps. For example, connect the device to PC/Laptop, Scan the media, Click recover and choose the desired location to save the recovered data. That's it.Note: Destination drive should be different from the problem one.
  5. All the recovered data would have the quality intact. There is 100% guarantee that all your data will be intact even after deleting or formatting.
  6. Long list of supported Android devices i.e., HTC, Motorola, Acer, LG, Samsung and many other.
  7. Multiple file system support such as FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS etc.
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Many Android recovery programs available in the industry but choosing the best one out of them is pretty difficult. So choose/invest money wisely on any of them.