Illusion Cracking Differences Between Macs And PCs.

The Conflict between Mac and PC users has been going on for years. Some Mac users can’t understand PC users and vice-verse. Windows users allegation calls that Macs aren't suitable computers because they’re not practical and Mac users claim that PCs are insufficient and slow. So can we credit these myths?

Are Macs not worth their price?
Are Windows PCs really that frightful?

Here, we will compare both companies in a very unbiased style!
Initially, We will discuss which company started early, then the reason of the more successful existence. We also discuss which company is more relevant today and who are the majority users of both PC and Mac. We will also discuss important features and technical specifications in both; Macs and PCs.

According to the sources Apple Macintosh introduced the prior computer system to feature a mouse and a graphical user interface (GUI) in January 1984. And Microsoft introduced Microsoft Windows in November 1985, in reply to the rapidly growing interest in the GUIs.
Mac Systems are widely known for their interactive graphical user interface from earlier times. The Apple Macintosh continued to sell successfully till the mid of 1980's, though its sales got reduced in 90's . In 2009, Microsoft quickly took over World's PC market by retiring the Mac OS.

Who Was More Successful & Why?

It’s not a myth, Microsoft dominates the world’s operating systems market. The reason for this domination is simple, Microsoft designed it’s operating systems to be compatible with various hardware created by a wide range of computer companies such as Dell, IBM, HP, and Sony, etc.
On the other hand, Apple designed its software for close integration of computer hardware and software, which means it’s not compatible with other computer hardware. An Apple OS will always run on the Apple hardware only.

Whereas, Microsoft sold it's operating system to various computer companies. Microsoft is more prominent than any other operating systems in the market. In the mean while, Apple's operating system rigorously fit perfectly in their own hardware only .
Many years ago most of the business computing applications were standardized on Windows PCs.

If we discuss about the compatibility
While the main operating system for Apple is OS X, and PCs is Microsoft Windows, only Macs have the proficiency to run both. Naturally, both systems continue to develop faster and more powerful versions of these operating systems that are increasingly user-friendly and more compatible with handheld devices.

And though the PC tends to rule the workplace, many software programs for professional use–including Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite–have versions for both operating systems. PC is very popular for its application when it comes to leisure time apps.

When it comes to reliability, most of the PC users know that their devices are vulnerable to malware and viruses. Although Mac users are much safer from these virus attacks, but still both PC and Mac users must install an up to date antivirus software to protect their devices from malicious attacks.

If we discuss about the cost of both PCs and Macs, then their it is very clear that PCs dominated the budget friendly market. As Macs are more expensive then PCs, for many user cost is an issue, as users wants to get most from their money. If we talk about budget, then PC wins over Mac.

Easy Availability - Mac or PC.
Macs are privileged to Apple, which means that its price, features are same for the most of the part, so it hardly matters from where you shop. This restraint Mac availability now, even its easier to buy Macs and its accessories from new Apple stores. Whereas any upgrades or reair can only be done by an authorized Apple support center.
On the other hand, PCs are available from a wide range of retailers and manufacturers. This means a wider price range for all budgets, repair, and upgrades, it makes upgrades easier for home users.

After discussing about so many features, facts about Macs and PC, In the end the choice is yours as per your personal preferences If we look upon the availability and price then PC tends to be the winner. While Mac is the exclusive choice for the noble anti-Microsoft computer user.

I have given you a little overview on Apple and Microsoft’s, and an impression of who was more successful and why, Now, it is up to you to decide which company serve you best with your specific needs.