Apple.Inc is an american multinational corporation situated in California that develops, designs and sells many products . It’s popularly known hardware products are Macintosh line of computers, the iPad tablet computer, the iPhone smartphones, the iPod music player. The software of these products are OS X and iOS operating systems whereas iTunes for media browser, the Safari web browser and many more productivity suites respectively.

This corporation keeps on updating its technologies & its new buzz in the town is OS X Mavericks. It is a free upgrade which can be easily downloaded from the Apple's App Store. The OS X has many inbuilt utilities and here we will discuss about one of its most vital utility i.e. Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is a multi boot utility of Mac OS X, that enables a user in installing Microsoft 
Windows Operating system on Intel based Macintosh computers.
Basically this utility is known as Boot Camp Assistant, which assists user through safe and non-fatal disk partitioning of their hard drive and installation of Window Device Drivers.

Whereas, it also enables user to re-size the existing HFS+ partition of their hard disk as per their requirement. A Window Control Panel applet automatically gets installed with this utility for selecting the boot operating system.

Initially this inbuilt utility was coming along with Mac OS X Leopard and then was included in subsequent versions and Windows 7 (64 bits) and windows 8 are officially supported with OS X Mavericks.

After the innovation of the first Intel based Mac systems, Apple released a tool called Boot Camp. Which let Mac users to install and boot their machines into Microsoft Windows along with an existing OS X . This happens without running two operating systems simultaneously, it is opt for running performance-intensive applications.

Steps to to Install Boot Camp and Run Windows on Your Mac.

1) Check for updates and Backup:- Check the latest updates from Apple and download and install them on your Mac if required. You should take backup of your important data, because boot camp will be moving and reallocating space on your hard drive.

So your data may get corrupted while the process.

2) Run Boot Camp Assistant (OS X 10.6 or later):- Open a finder window click on Applications<Utilities<Boot Camp Assistant continue to begin the setup. Select Download the Window support software of this Mac and press enter to start downloading the software.

After the download completes, save the files and burn them to a disc.

3) Create Partition of your hard drive:- Once you've finished downloading the software, the assistant will precise you to create a Windows partition on your hard drive. This action will make your hard drive to devote some free space to Windows, without interfering with or erasing existing OS X installation.

A slider represent your hard drive. Adjust the slider to give your Windows partition more or less free space. Keep in mind that any space you assign will be reduced. from the available free space for OS X.

4) Install Windows and Windows Drivers:- Once the process of partitioning the hard drive is accomplished then your hard drive is ready to support Windows.

And, now its time to install the Windows operating system
Once Windows is installed, you need to install the drivers you can downloaded them easily to make sure that all of your Mac hardware works properly in Windows, including sound, display, and wireless network adapters.

Now the Question arises.

Is It Possible to Maintain a Boot Camp Partition while upgrading the Mac OS?

According to my perception answer of this question is yes, whereas some user had problem regarding their Mac updation with Boot Camp Partition.
It make sense to have a backup, As user may not regret on their data loss. If some thing went wrong, you can restore your data easily.
Apple's backing up technology (Time Machine) doesn't support backing up and restoring these partitions.

So, in that case you can try various third party tools for example
  1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery:- This software safely recovers data from NTFS-based Boot Camp Partitions.

  1. Winclone 4 :- This software simply create an image of your Boot Camp partition and tuck it away on another drive.