Alarm: Mavericks Failing To Recognize Western Digital Drives.

Mavericks is the lastest version of Mac OS, It is a free upgrade available all over the Globe. It's a tender evolution of the Mac operating system on which was working for last few years . Whereas Mac is known for its butterly sharp graphical features and Mavericks contains a long list of such features, which make it look and feel like a Mac. But is this Really the future of the Mac?

Unfortunately, many glitches are coming along the new version of Mac OS X such as fair number of bugs in the mail application and in connecting Thunderbolt storage devices. These flaws are being consigned by apple in pending update. Instead of these problems, one serious problem on this perspective is: data loss on Western Digital storage devices.

An Email was sent by Western Digital to its customers regarding the disastrous interaction between Western Digital management software and OS X Mavericks. The collaboration between the smartest OS and the finest external hard drive doesn't seemed amazing at first place initially.
Further, W.D. warned it's customers that users having WD software (WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager and/or WD SmartWare) may lose data on their respective drives when connected OS X Mavericks.

According to the company, in most cases the data on the drive can be recovered with a third party software utility, if the user stops using the device immediately. In brief this means that if you are affected by this flaw then you will be forced to use third party recovery software, and this quickfix may also fail.

W.D. has removed some versions of its data mangement software after this disaster of data loss on WD external storage device. The complaints of the users were same i.e whether the drive won’t mount or their data is gone. The problem prevails in WD My Book products, plus storage devices from Seagate and LaCie. USB, FireWire and Thunderbolt connections.

WD is recklessly working to identify and resolve this issue, till then WD have taken those three apps down for now and stated this:

 “Until the issue is understood and the cause identified, WD strongly urges our customers to uninstall these software applications on their systems before updating to OS X Mavericks (10.9), or delay upgrading.”