Disk Repair exercise on Mac OS X

A Mac when all in good state of health runs like a charm. It follows your command request and delivers the desired output. However, if a Mac is behaving in an abrupt manner from past many days & you are really concern for its health then don’t waste a time to run Disk Utility. The disk utility is a clinic for Macs where you can run few test to determine the cause of its illness. The First-Aid feature is capable of verifying the individual as well as the entire hard drive of the OS X. It can also adopt corrective measures to put your troubled disk back to work. A below test ran on one of the Mac disk ends up suggesting the hard drive (volume) is absolutely fine. It requires no further repair or attention from the
user. This is always a sign of big relief.  


Unfortunately, this sign of relief will not appear on the user’s face if the below report is delivered by the disk utility. As the image suggests the First-Aid tool has found numerous concerns on Mac disk. These concerns are denoted by red lines, which are an indication of danger. These reports marked by red lines clearly indicate the problem persisting in that particular area.


The Disk utility will clearly mention to run a repair immediately and dump the problem at this point. In no time, user can click to Repair Button to fix the faults.

“”Note: The Mac OS boot volume can be tested for disk permissions. However, this option is not available for rest of the Mac volumes.””

How effective is Disk Utility? Disk Utility is something that can resolve the disk problems on your Mac either instantly or may not fix any corruption. Yes, the reason I said ”May Not” is mostly cited when disk corruption is severe. The hard drive may have gone through series of corruption in catalog files, volume bitmaps, even a corruption of directory structure. Disk utility on Macs boot volume verifies and repair permissions for applications that may have turned bad. The applications may be of OS X and of 3rd party software vendors. You will find people recommending running repair permissions feature at times when Mac is slow or an application is not opening. The same is suggested even when a Mac disk goes through corruption. Although effective but repair permissions fails to resolve any of the major corruption that might have crippled a Mac disk. This major corruption can again in the form of directory corruption. The same error is identified by “Invalid Node” error, which in turn is quite unpopular amongst Mac users. The family of Invalid Node error extends to Invalid Entry – Count, Length, Key, header & so on.

Need arises for a proficient disk repair software? Soon you realize the Mac is not going to be treated by the Disk utility, you have to opt for a disk repair utility. Volume repair software will scan the hard drive of the computer and will create a new directory structure for it. The moment it finishes fixing minor bugs in the directory or recreates a new one, you can have your Mac back & running. Not only this, disk repair software for Mac also heals variety of Invalid Node errors. Why you may require a bootable DVD?  As we learn above, that errors minor in nature will sorted out by the Disk utility. But a boot disk of Mac facing larger damage may not be treated efficiently by the disk utility. In that case you may require a bootable DVD of your Mac to fix it.  The bootable DVD can be created with the help of a repair utility. Once you select your Macintosh OS drive you are prompted to create an image (or DVD) to boot the Mac.


The above is a screenshot of Stellar Volume Repair that is suggesting the user to create a boot DVD in order to proceed with the boot repair. Once the DVD is created, it will boot the Mac and hard drive will become a secondary device. The user can now perform the directory rebuilding on the said volume.