Safari – Make it fast and glossy with new add-ons

Web browsing is a part of our daily life and on Mac it is the 'Safari' by default that lightens the browsing experience. Safari which is now 10 years old, began its journey from version 1 to 6 and served almost all Apple devices like Macs, iPods, iPads and iPhones. Being an Apple application, Safari percepts to be faster than other counterparts on Mac OS X. Remember, this is a perception and not to be termed as a fact until solid explanation. We know how Google Chrome has directed the Internet browsing in ways. 

Talking of Safari now, one should make sure to input basic maintenance activities to make Safari up to date and performing. Like any other browser or application, Safari will slow down after a period of time. That time period may arrive sooner or later depending upon the handling of the Mac OS X. But you can halt that time from arriving by keeping the browser clean and clear.

What Activity to monitor on Safari?

Monitor Caches on Safari – Cache files can eventually slow down the speed of a website loading on to Safari. This happens over a period of time when cache data keeps on accumulating in the folders & gets damaged causing adverse effects on the browsing. Older caches will keep on loading the old pages, neglecting the newer updates of the site until you clean them off. To do so, go to Library and find caches folder. Drag it to trash. You may feel some websites to go slower but cleaning out caches is an important task of the overhauling of the browser. After a day or so you will gain the same good loading speed.

Reset the browser – If you don't bother about any information to lose on Safari, then choosing to reset the browser is recommended. This takes less than a minute or may be a minute but quickly restore back the safari to factory settings.  Do it like this, Go to Safari Menu and expand to choose Reset Safari. You will be warned of loosing information stored at back-end. Proceed to clean the safari and set to default settings.

Monitor Preferences files
– The role of Preferences files on Mac is crucial as this only decides the positive and negative behaviour of an application. The application will show its abrupt behaviour moment the preference files become faulty. The best way to check the preferences files on Mac is to go Disk utility way and click 'Verify Disk'. Upon finding some of them with red coloured lines, it is best to delete them.

Update Safari
– If you are below than the Safari v6 on your Mac then think about an update. Before you update cross verify the system requirement with that of Safari.

Excite your Safari browsing with these features

So you have implemented the above terms on Safari and made it fast as it should be. Now time is to install few add-ons to make it livelier.

For Safari 5 and social media lovers,
  • Download Social Fixer for Facebook, an app that produces different themes and skin, much more can be read here. If you have a large appetite for photos on Facebook then add Facebook Photo Zoom to enlarge an image over mouse hover.
  • Just like you I love to tweet and for that Apple Extension ( offers range of twitter tools to die for. All these will glow with Safari (v5).
  • For those who can't live latest political, social, business, & sport news must install NYTIMES to receive uninterrupted supply of latest happenings around the globe.
  • You can also improve the user experience of Safari browser by controlling unwanted and sometimes highly irritating advertisements. Use Ad-Block add-on to immediately stop these ads for intruding your web spaces. If you are no more interested in any kind of promotional offers from manufacturers, this kind of stuff is made for you. Still you love to know about the latest products and services then let the ads be there.
  • GMAIL Counter, a smart app for Safari let you monitor your Inbox and fresh emails. Once installed it will show up in the Safari toolbar.
  • which is an information distributing platform brings you the “Awesome Screenshot” add-on. Now, this is something you and me and all of us will enjoy for sure. It capture/share the images from the web pages to other websites. You don’t have to save the image from the page to the hard drive using right mouse click and then load it for sharing. With this app you can do it within few mouse clicks.

Safari also got some fabulous apps for video browsing
  • Ever wanted to watch only a YOUTUBE video without any distraction from the surroundings? It was not possible until the app Videos for YouTube came to Safari. In a normal mode you will watch the video with all of the items scattered on the four corners, but with this app you will watch the video on a plain white screen. “We Remove Clutter”, this is what the developers of this app claims. Must try it out for peaceful video watching.
  • No stopping here as there are some other good apps waiting for your OS X Safari. If you have no concerns for the YouTube videos and only desires for the fast browsing, install ClickToFlash which will restrict flash items of a webpage to load. The speed of the Internet will then be channelized to launch other items of the webpage quickly.
  • Another app that betters the productivity on YOUTUBE is “Turn Off the Lights” by Stefan. It makes things simpler by dimming the background of the video you are viewing. You might get a feel of watching the video in a theatre. To know more try this app now.
  • NO time to loose for now as you know what lots off to be done on SAFARI. Make it the way you feel like.
Hang out with Google Chrome for Mac?

At-least keep another browser ready to launch on the Mac and that other browser is definitely going to be GOOGLE's CHROME. Chrome is fast, reliable, genuine, and error-free, of-course widely used browser than I.E and FIREFOX. Though some of you may not find it as glossy as Safari but it is still a better choice over Firefox which have a tendency to slow down or break down moment you load it with many add-ons.

The above Safari extensions are easily available with Chrome; actually chrome web store is over-loaded with thousands of free/paid add-ons. Not in mood to buy one then add most of the free ones to enjoy sophisticated browsing on Mac OS X. If you are a Google + lover then chrome being a Google product gives you variety of facilities such as Google+ Notifications. For Chrome you need to have Mac OS X10.6 or later.

Just FYI, My Mac got both the Safari and Chrome and that helps me maintain my flow of work in a situation which might go beyond my control.