Apps that uninstall stubborn software from Mac OS X

No rocket science is required to remove an application or software from a Mac hard drive. This job is simply accomplished by dragging the icon of the software to the trash folder and emptying it further. Visually we can't locate the trashed file anywhere on the Mac partitions and considered it to be completely gone from the OS X. This is misconception and at the background some of the associated files of the removed application are still found to be located on the said location. These associated files of the deleted utility comprises of -  
  • file preferences,
  • application logs,
  • cache files
  • Installer such as .pkg and .dmg.
These files are unintentionally kept on the Mac OS location to ease up the re-installation of the same application in the near future. Leftovers easily pick up the required information and set the application the way it was earlier. In actual, the size of these files is small and at times you may choose to ignore their presence. But if you are a core Mac user who even want to save small locations on the drive or at-least want the Mac to stay clean then you must find out such leftovers and kick them out.

It is also noted that these leftovers tend to create havoc at times when you try hard to install a newer update of the software. To play foul these files won't let you do a proper update as their stored information doesn't match with the newer version of th tool. So, in any case it is always good to eliminate these useless files that at times are troublesome also.

OS X or even disk utility is limited to let you find these files in an organized manner. If your Mac has limited partitions and files (folders) you can even think of manually trashing these files. In the opposite case, it would be a bad dream to find/remove leftovers from a large hard drive or files. In my best knowledge, there are absolute free tools that scan the entire Macintosh HD and bring out every single piece of these leftovers.

Option 1) Stellar Speed up Mac
Stellar Speedup Mac can be seen in much larger perspective to clean your entire Mac not only from the leftovers but also other kinds of unwanted files. Though its paid, the best part I liked about the software was the facility of a free uninstaller and removal of junk files (including logs, system junks, leftovers & extensions). The moment you launch the app it begins to analyse your main internal hard drive which in most cases is 'Macintosh HD'. The left bar indicates the process as well as amount of garbage data it accumulated from the system. The free version will let you remove the above mentioned files completely from the Mac OS X. If any day, you come across a stubborn or infected software that refuses to go to trash then make use of this tool that can even uninstall a dogged file.

Free Uninstaller for Stubborn Apps

Option 2) App Cleaner

It's free and worked likes a charm for my Mac (and yours too). Though it is not as big as Stellar Speedup Mac but fulfills the purpose of removing an app and its leftovers from the Mac without much effort. As you drag any icon on the trash, drag the same on the App Cleaner uninstall feature and relax. The App Cleaner reaches out every corner of the Macintosh HD to dig out small & large pieces of application's waste and eliminate them securely. 

Both the above mentioned tool requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to operate. You must evaluate the free features of these tools to assure your Mac remains clean from unwanted junks.