Issues that won't let Macbook pro start at all

Apple Macbook pro is one of the portable computers with high technology and powerful apps. These notebooks are thinner and lighter. The latest model of Macbook 17 inch pro is also experiencing start up problems which has become a major issue nowadays. These problems may arise due to:

Peripheral devices

Peripheral devices could be the problem. Just check its connectivity and then try starting Macbook pro. If not, then you need to disconnect the peripheral devices and then turn it on to check everything goes well or not. By doing so, you can address the issue.

RAM issues

If the computer beeps more than one time or the lights are blinking, then there must be some hardware failure. Bad RAM is very common issue on newer Mac's. So, to test this case, just remove one RAM at a time and reboot. Repeat this activity again till you find the problem. If any of the culprit arises, then have a look in Mac owner Manual and install RAM.

Bad battery

Just check the battery level of the Macbook. To perform this task, press the battery button or on the side of your computer. Single light blinking may lead you in the condition of dead Macbook. So, you need to charge accordingly whenever necessary.

Operating system

The operating system may stuck resulting in start up problems. All you need to do is to hold down the control key, command key and the power button together to restart the computer. In this scenario, try booting off an OS CD and run Disk Utility to repair the disk. If this also doesn't work, last option is to use the software like Stellar volume repair or Onyx software to repair.

Hard drive failure

A major issue is of the hard drive. If the hard drive has been corrupted or damaged or makes abnormal noises, first thing you need, is to back up your data safely and replace it immediately.

Mac's SMC

Resetting SMC is the important feature. The simple SMC reset can resolve number of failures such as battery not charging, USB ports and Bluetooth not working, fans running fast, erratic sleep mode performance, failure to response to power button, sluggish performance etc. So, to reset the SMC, first shut down the Mac, disconnect from MagSafe connecter, remove the battery and hold the power button for 10 seconds. After releasing the power button, reinstall the battery, reconnect the MagSafe connector and turn your Mac on.

Thermal sensors not working

This issue is noticed when the fans run at a higher speed but the computer does not boot. You have to ensure first, that the sensors are plugged in properly. If yes, then replace it. If this doen't fixes the problem, you need to change the logic board.

Faulty MagSafe adapter

To test that the adapter is faulty or not, one needs to check the electrical outlet and the plugs are inserted properly or not. If the outlets works smoothly, then unplug the power adapter for a while and then plug it again. By doing so, if the power adapter's LED does not light up, then definitely MagSafe is damaged.

Therefore, fixing these issue in the appropriate manner will resolve most of the start up problems of the Macbook pro.