Rescue Childhood: Learn how to block adult websites on Mac OS X

Kids, these days are smart, smarter than teachers, parents or any adult. Within minutes, they know how to operate a Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod or any other fascinating devices. Talk of Internet, kids know how & where to download their favorite games from. Gadget manufacturer also produce devices keeping interest of kids in their mind. It’s the part of the worldwide business. With modern technology, laced with web, kids can surf along everything. They can watch cartoon, read books, play Temple-Run, watch PORN. Oops, did I say Porn? Yes a kid or pack of kids may somehow know how to watch porn videos, messages or photos through some websites. Or an innocent kid may accidentally reach a pornographic website which can immediately ruin the soft mind.

Talking of porn and adult content, website on web shows almost everything. Sex, violence, gory content is available like cookies. Forget kids, even adults are addicted to gory content over the web. These website producing such contents hardly bother about who or whom is accessing their websites. Adult sites can easily be penetrated by clicking their weak age proof feature which reads “I am over 18”.

As a matter of fact, there is no doubt parents are realizing this bitter truth and want to take actions. Actions, not necessarily means harsh one but they can be implemented using simple technical tricks that allow monitoring websites on a Mac computer.

Tricks to block Poisonous websites on OS X Mac

1.     Get to OS X Dock & launch System Preferences.
2.     Get to System<<Parental Control under System Preferences. Below Window greets you.

3.     To commence, Click on to the lock. Clicking unlocks it for modification. Enter the system password, if it asks for.

4.     Now you need to select the account to which you want to secure. In above, screenshot, I would select the only account which is ‘GUEST’. Below screen will appear.

5.     Several options to the account ‘GUEST’ are now visible to be operated upon. Switch to ‘WEB’ tab, since we are learning to block dirty sites. 

6.     If you have caught your child visiting an inappropriate website over again. Then simply, click the “Try to limit access to adult websites automatically”. A further window will open when ‘’’CUSTOMIZE’ option is clicked.

7.     Quickly click on “+” button to add that particular website to the section which reads “Never allow these websites:

8.     Next time, when your child will try to open that website below message will show up.

Apart from this method, you can select another option supplied by Apple Inc. in that window only. Get to the third option, which reads ‘’Allow access to only these websites’’. The set of websites which you view in the list is educational & healthy website enrolled by Apple to nurture a child’s mind.

So, it is not always good to blame the technology for children sudden change of behavior. Instead get to know your computer, phone and gadgets in order to safely block all inappropriate content on it.