Have Missing or Deleted Partitions on Your Windows, Now recover it with Ease

Partitions on hard drive play the vital role in storing valuable data and successfully running the system. However, accidentally loosing or formatting a partition is a situation that everybody faces now and then and may get no clues on how to recover it back easily. Deleted partition will not only wipe all your files, but suddenly become invisible in the drive.

Though, these kinds of situations is not so bad as you might think and deleted partitions are relatively easy to recover if you do have access to few advanced or powerful recovery program like the Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery, available for free download and test. This program works pretty well on any normal as well as large capacity hard drives (more than 2 TB) and claim to recover partitions of almost any file system that you're likely to have on your PC like FAT16, FAT 32, ex-FAT, NTFS, NTFS 5 etc.

This program offers several advanced utility like Disk Cloning, Imaging, and Drive Status which becomes necessary in case, if the drive goes bad and you needs to clone or take image of the entire drive and later recover data from it. Drive Status i.e., S.M.A.R.T is pretty smart in advising you about the current drive status weather it's bad sector or blocks and inform you about the possible failure causes.

Simple DIY (Do-It-Yourself) mode based software could make your data recovery hassle even easier. This program requires simple operation which is relatively similar to other recovery programs but gives you more advanced options to deeply scan the drive like RAW Recovery or Advance recovery and offers more accurate results.

Just plug the problem drive to another computer and start scanning the drive. Choose Search for Lost Volumes option to scan the drive for missing partitions. Most likely, this will list all the recent partitions got deleted or formatted and you can able to safely restore them in just 2 or 3 clicks.

Remember, recovery programs have certain limitations and there is no guarantee that all your lost partitions will be found and recovered easily. Though, you can increase the chances of successful recovery by taking some precautionary steps like avoid using the drive, perform data recovery on different computer, stop using stupid methods like freezing etc.

Off course, this program isn't like other free programs or partially free programs which offers limited sets of data recovery and later ask you to pay certain amount for full recovery. Instead, it guarantees you that all possible recoverable files will be listed in the preview pane can be recovered when purchase is made or you've upgraded it to premium. It offers you to save the recovered files to any FTP locations, compress, and mail or simply save it to the local storage location and later copy/move it where ever else you want.