Precautions You Should Take in 2013 to Reduce Photo Loss Risks From Memory Cards

When using our mobile phones or digital camera to store/capture photos, we might be at a risk of loosing photos at any moment. I'm sure that most of us know or at least heard about such circumstances. But, what precautions we've taken to keep our precious photos secure & stored in the memory card or the storage device? Not any, right?

So, heads up to the best 4 ways for reducing photo loss risks that are easy to follow and can make your photos even more secured and intact.

Memory cards are the non-volatile flash storage components comes in different sizes and shapes for different camera brands or smart phones. However, these cards can easily get corrupted or inaccessible because of improper uses, bad formatting, internal damages or overage. And, after which, you would no longer able to retrieve or access the photos stored inside the memory card.

#1 Proper uses
You can greatly increase the memory card life by using it in recommended way like remove the card only when the source device is off. Irrespectively, if you remove the memory card while saving or editing photos on the camera, it can instantly damage or deletes the photos as well as can make the memory card inaccessible. So, it is advisable to edit or delete photos only in the computer not in the camera or mobile phone.

#2  Securely Copy/Save Photos 
Many times, we need to format the memory card or delete picture from it just to save few more photos when there is no free space left in the card and couldn't store more images. So we do the same and start using it immediately. Where as, the correct way is, simply copy/move all your photos in computer or laptop from the card at once and format it there. This will make your card very fresh and completely free to save the bunch of images or recorded videos.

#3 Take backup daily
Creating backup of your photos taken throughout the day will take hardly 5-10 minutes but ensures you that whenever disaster strikes, you're still able to restore lost, deleted or damaged multimedia files from the backup copy on your computer. You can further distribute the backup to cloud or burn it to CD or DVD for even more security.

#4 Purchase memory card from trusted online or in-person store
The news is recently highlighted that many manufacturers on ebay and various other online selling websites is selling damaged or non durable cards. These cards will look same as the original and save your photos too but suddenly become crashed or corrupted and would give you no chance to retrieve the photos back to your computer.

# Bonus Advise to get back the lost card

One of the biggest nightmare for many photographers is that they often complain about having no way to find the lost or stolen memory card. Therefore, you can stick a tag with your name, complete address and phone number to all your memory cards, so that if anyone finds your card, can easily get in touch and return it to you (if they're honest).

Thanks to +David Douglas for making this article live here.