Handling error code -8003 in Mac OS X?

"The operation can't be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8003)” . The warning in other words may sound like this: You don't have enough privileges to perform the delete action.

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The above code is one of the strange error codes occurring on Mac not letting you trash certain files. In spite of all your efforts in deleting the files from the trash you still find the trash filled with the files. In order to solve the issues the user firstly reacts by restarting the Mac hoping the same error won't be repeated again. However it is kind of hit and trial method which mostly sometimes works but on the contrary it is noticed that even the restart won't work at all.

Reason for error code -8003:

The error states that in Mac OS X you don't have enough privileges to perform a deletion of the file. This may be due to the files are present on an external drive but it is noticed this error bothers files even present on any drives. Another reason for the same error could be that the files present in the trash can are locked.

Possible Solutions for error code -8003:
  • Open the trash from the finder to view the entire files present in the bin.
  • Hold down the Option key and Click “Empty Trash” to do the rest of the job.
  • Problem still not solved then attempt to delete the files through “Secure Empty Trash”. Many of the Mac users may not know but this option deletes the data from the Mac hard drive permanently through wiping algorithms. The spaces of files once deleted are immediately overwritten by meaningless data to avoid recovery of files at later point of time.
Solution through Terminal:
  • Goto Applications->Utilities and click Terminal icon to open.
  • Upon opening the terminal type the code sudo rm -rf ~/.Trash/ and hit enter.
  • Above measure may sound sufficient to tackle the error code-8033. However, if all of the above measures fail to solve the issue then there are utilities which can be used to get rid of the trouble. You can select a wiping utility to erase the files, even locked files through right-click and selecting the files for permanently deletion.