How To Test Computer Memory Problems in Windows Vista

If you are using Vista and suffering from some memory issues, then here is a good chance that you can fix it on your own and it usually takes less than two minutes.

To do so, follow the simple steps mentioned below:
  1. Click on Start and type 'Memory' in the search box.
  2. A program named 'Memory diagnostics tool' will be  highlighted. Click on it to open the program.
  3. Pop up Windows will open which ask you to perform the memory test immediately or the next time you restart your PC. 
  4. Chose the preferred option. For the time being, you should click on 'recommended' option to run the test immediately after restarting the PC. 
  5. After choosing the recommended methods, you will see a Windows named 'Vista Memory Diagnostics tool'.

     6. You can also do the same thing using command prompt. To do so, Select  
         'Advanced start up option', on next screen you should probably see the 
         option of memory diagnostics utility as dictated in the picture below:

           Note: To go to the the above screen, Simply holding the 'F8' key.

Please post your comment below if you couldn't able to solve problem on your own or facing any other problem related to 'Windows Memory diagnostics utility'.